Club Event and Social: Breakfast & Tour of Last Chance Auto Restoration

A bright, sunny day awaited the faithful who took part in Sunday, March 24th’s first must-do and see event of the season: Eats and Treats

It all started with a breakfast at Odessa’s Jiffy Grill where they may not know your name but they never forget what you had the last time you were there.

Our second stop was a scenic drive to visit one of Eastern Ontario’s best kept secrets in the automotive restoration world — Last Chance Auto.  This gem has been servicing collector cars from Canada and the United States for decades now and boasts a palmares that you have to see to believe.  If you do not wish to take my word for it please visit:

Our group was treated to stories and samples of how it gets done when no one else wants to restore your dream car.  No details are spared.  Who knew that a concours car would include the paint marks left by the part installer in the factory or that the judges tell you if your car passes the authenticity test but not a why or where if it doesn’t.

Our hosts — John and Julia Nizman served coffee and cookies to the St LAC faithful some of whom have promised to return for car work, powder-coating and more.

Thanks to Danby for making this happen and Burl who provided the pictures.

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