Minutes of the February executive meeting

Present:  Danby Crowder, Rob Metcalfe, Craig Alder and Roger Curtis

Regrets:  Jordan and Paul Southen 

With the lengthening of days comes renewed interest in moving St LAC forward.  Discussion centred on a renewed effort to make the club’s presence known  in the community particularly at the Friday night Car drop-ins at Canadian Tire (Township location).  This year we hope to have a new tent, business cards and plenty of race cars to attract new members.

Much discussion of why one should join St LAC focused on finding new events and opportunities to present to members.  This could include:

  • drives to points of interest including Last Chance Auto and other local facilities specializing in automobile customization and specialty services
  • providing opportunities for those who haven’t as yet taken the racing plunge to experience the track from the passenger and driver’s seat
  • pursuing new partnerships with local businesses to help the club offset the fixed costs of over $1200 each year (for affiliations, insurance, website hosting and more
  • two Picton events this year with the second one being a joint effort once again

The club welcomes the help of members past and present to make these goals a reality.  As always, your exec is more than willing to help support grassroots initiatives.  You can contact us at st.lac.club@gmail.com

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