2019 CASC Regional Competitor Registration Information

From CASC-OR comes this update on the Regional AutoSlalom series.

2019 is upon us and Class D Autoslalom licenses are available now! They are still only $35 up to and including the 2019 CASC Autoslalom Open House, the details of which will be announced shortly. After the April open house, the Class D Licenses will rise in price to $40 for the remainder of 2019.

Your CASC Class D license will entitle you to:

Score championship points in the 2019 Regional Autoslalom Series
Be eligible for overall and class trophies
Receive a free series T-shirt
Qualify for any championship programs
Receive $10 off per Regional event

The $10 discount isn’t stackable so if a series registered regional competitor is already a member of the host club, any club membership discount offer supersedes the Class D license discount.

You can join a CASC club and/or purchase a license through the following website.


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