AGM Minutes

Here’s the Readers’ Digest version of the recent Annual General Meeting held at the home of Danby Crowder.

Executive members present:  Rob Metcalfe (el Presidento), Danby Crowder (Membership Director) and Roger Curtis (Treasurer and webguru).  There were an additional six members present.

  1. Meeting called to order.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (see earlier post).
  3. Elections:  current executive were asked if they would stand for the current year.  Acclaimed.
    1. Vice President election:  Craig Alder!  This was cause for much celebrations, clapping and more.  Kinda like this…  
    2. Competition Director:  while no one would officially adopt the mantel, Jordan and Dan said they would help out at what ever we come up with.  See gif again.
  4. Affiliating with the National and Provincial RallySport governing bodies was the topic of much discussion.
  5. Changing Banking Signatories:  an effort is underway to track down the previous signers and have them sign off.  There are currently too many people who can sign cheques — most of whom are no longer executive members — and get the current exec included.
  6. Securing a Racing Vehicle for purposes of providing members with a car to try out racing was discussed.  No firm decision has been made but most members thought it was a logical answer to introducing newcomers to the sport.

7. The possibility of hosting a second AutoSlalom was discussed.  Danby will contact Loch Sloy regarding dates.


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