Got Winter? Tell us about your plans for your car

Noticing that insulation is on sale I’ve decided that this will be the Winter that I finish

insulating the garage and get to the cars without having to wait until the return of the warm weather.  Perhaps I’ll even be ready before the first race of the year for a change!

If you’ve got plans to work on your car in the next few months why not share what you’re doing by adding to this post?  All you need do is click the Leave a reply button below.

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One thought on “Got Winter? Tell us about your plans for your car

  1. Garage is done! Cars rearranged for the Winter (thanks Rob & Danby)! Now to replace the oil pan gasket, rod bearings, oprv, front springs, lower rear suspension, change the camber and a few other WYAIT jobs before June and I’m good to go. 🙂

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