Rallysport Affiliation Update

In response to a letter addressing our decision to revisit St LAC’s rally sport affiliation here, again, is the executive’s rationale.

Aren’t Subarus great? We love ours and the 10% discount we receive off of parts and accessories as a result of St LAC’s affiliation with rally sport.

I enjoyed the stories that were shared regarding the club’s choice to support club members interest in this aspect of Motorsport along with the hope that others would follow the lead. So far, it doesn’t look like this is the case. And as I’m sure you know, it takes seven members to cover this cost. Our membership isn’t really growing so this is the reason for our reconsideration. Still, we are reaching out to Kingston Subaru in hopes of having another Winter slalom which would, of course, require continued affiliation. Needless to say, we’ll have to have an answer before the end of December.

As for continuing to receive the discount Subaru offers one needs only join a club such as Peterborough or SPAD (?)

I’ll keep everyone posted as things develop. I hope that helps.

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