Minutes of the October meeting and social

Those of you who marked Thursday, October 25th on your 2018 calendar enjoyed astounding video, free munchies, great company and a peak into the future for St LAC.  Those who didn’t missed out on a chance to participate in club planning, seeing new faces and enjoying a pint or two at the Cataraqui Golf & Country Club.  

  • the Executive is reaching out to Kingston Subaru (KS) with regards to hosting another Winter Slalom come winter; possibly in conjunction with Driver Dynamics and Shannonville
  • in the event we do not host an event for KS we will no longer affiliate with Rallysport Ontario and the Canadian Rallysport Association
  • since the Picton Airfield remains unsold (at this point) we will likely proceed with the May Regionals
  • should we find a club to partner with, we may host a Canadian-American AutoSlalom challenge event
  • the club ordered a portable generator for ~ $330 but it has yet to arrive 🙁
  • plans to determine the health of our timing system has been set aside for the foreseeable future
  • the video was enjoyed by all and demands to show it again were heeded
  • Craig is my favourite non-executive member
  • Jordan’s presence was sorely missed
  • the Southen family Mazda RX7 was the best car in the parking lot; this led to much discussion about a gold coloured one offered for sale up County Rd 10
  • yesterday I saw a late 70s Celica Supra in my neighbourhood
  • Danby bought back a car that he had built back in High School; it’s probably cooler than anything you or I own
  • My car is kinda cool…
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