Praise From ASN Canada FIA

Here’s a copy of a congratulatory letter from the fine folks at FIA with regards to hosting the National AutoSlalom Championships.  (Yes, they did miss a name or two; namely, Mario Lacetelli, Craig Alder and Dan Gray.)

August 15, 2018
To: Andrew Patterson, Oshawa Motor Sport Club and Rob Metcalfe, St. Lawrence Automobile Club
Re: 2018 ASN Canada FIA National AutoSlalom Championship
Dear Andrew, Rob, members of the organizing committee and club members, On behalf of ASN Canada FIA and the National SoloSport Committee, I would like to convey both congratulations on a championship event well done and our thanks for both clubs stepping forward to organize and run this year’s edition of the CAC. To agree to organize such an event requires a lot of time and energy and to do the event history proud, there is a high level of commitment needed and that commitment was certainly evident throughout the July 20-22nd weekend.
This year’s edition was, from reports I’ve heard, a very big success and the ninety-seven competitors had a thrilling and very satisfying championship experience. There were many people who stepped forward in the lead up and running of the event including (at risk of leaving some names out and in no particular order…): Roger Curtis, Danby Crowder, Dina O’Donnell, Bill Rogerson, Daniel Fryer, Ed Luce, Dorothy Agnew, Kent Millares and well as Steven and Lynda Day who all had a big part in the success of the event.
A true national championship, while focused on a challenging competitive course and precise, accurate timing should be more than that and your event certainly did. From all accounts, the care the clubs took to prepare the runways for the event, through the demanding course design, the well-received Saturday night banquet and welcome extended to all, to the well planned and original awards, the organizing committee did the history of the event proud.
I hope every member of the two clubs who had a role in the event has a very well-earned and lasting feeling of satisfaction and pride in what was accomplished. Thank you to everyone who took part.
Regards, Terry Epp Chair, National SoloSport Committee Director, ASN Canada FIA
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