NFR Rally 2018

If you were out and about the last few days on the 401 you may have noticed some rather nice cars sporting a large NFR Rally logo on the side.

Being a curious sort of person, I decided to find out more.  It turns out that this weekend’s event involved a drive from Toronto to Montreal for the rich and famous.  Darn, you missed it you say?  Don’t worry there’s more where that came from.  So, if you have an extra few thosand and have a penchant for large decals, you’re in luck.   Here’s what you get for your money:

I was pleased to see that one has the option of merely presenting a pile of cash in-person!

Being the sort of curious person that I am, I decided to find out more.  Here’s what you need to know…


We are the dreamers, we are the ones that choose not to compromise. We are North Face Rally. We are driven by passion as hard as we drive our cars. A ruthless but satisfying effort that will help move our ideas forward.

An experience and event that is highly customized, driven to answer the needs of those who want a lifestyle experience. Spread the good news to your friends before they find out that you knew and you didn’t even mention it.

Supercars and super people on the most extreme car enthusiast rally for the north. We are Canadians and we are proud. We drive our vehicles all year and throw the wildest parties. If you want to watch us or think you have what it takes to hang out with us then join us.

You know, I can’t figure out what I’d like more:  to be part of this group or the genius who came up with this idea.  🙁

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