And we’re off!

And we’re off!

It was a meeting of minds as members of the St LAC and OMSC clubs and helpers set things in motion at the 2018 National AutoSlalom Championships in Picton, Ontario.

Whether it be registration, timing or something else, it’s been a group effort to bring all the necessary parts together to make this happen. So, special thanks (so far) are in order for our registrars: Ed, Dorothy and Dan; the amazing timing volunteers who are members of neither club: Steven Day and his lovely wife; and, of course, our chief course designer Bruce Gray.

Today was a chance to warm the tires up and try the Picton tarmac (circa 1940) with a test ‘n’ tune short course and when that was done, rub shoulders with competitors from New England, New York, Quebec, Pennslyvania and elsewhere. And true to the nature of the sport, it took only a couple of volunteers to help our friend from Buffalo to get back to the pits and then on the course again after what seemed like a catastrophic clutch failure. Thanks Danby and Roger (St LAC)! Go Mustang!

Finally, OMSC’s Andy and Dan made sure the cars stayed on course and on time today while St LAC’s Rob Metcalfe fetched lunch for the volunteers and made sure that the competitors had enough water to get them through the hot and dry day. Of course Toronto’s AutoXGirl Dina worked tirelessly to tie up any loose ends. You go, girl!

PS:  It was good to see St LAC’s Craig Alder and Adam Terwilligar in attendance.  We’ll be cheering the two of them on tomorrow and Sunday.

Picture 1: Bruce, Andrew, Rob, Danby and Dina.

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