What to do, what to do with our Timing System…

Wait, I know!  Let’s use it for our very own Valve Cover Racing Competition!

What’s a Valve Cover Racer?  Imagine a Pinewood Derby entry only you have to use a yes, you guessed correctly — a valve cover from an internal combustion engine.

T h e   R u l e s:

The Cars:

  • No engines or propulsion.
  • No moving weights.
  • Wheel can be attached to the car in any manner, but must not extend beyond the front of the valve cover.
  • Nothing can extend beyond the front of the valve cover.
  • Cars shall be based on an actual rocker cover from an automobile engine.
  • Cars must have four wheels, each no more than six inches in diameter.
  • Wheel must have a non-metallic surface contacting the track.

Critical Dimensions:

  • 30 inch maximum overall car length.
  • 15 inch maximum overall car width.
  • 10 inch maximum overall car height.
  • 10 pounds maximum weight by official scales.

Who’s with me?

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