June Meeting & Social Notes


  1. Upcoming National Championships
  2. VARAC Festival — featuring reports from the field
  3. Planned Valve Cover racing.  This could be something done at a Friday night CTC Car Park & Show.
  4. CTC Friday night Park & Show.  We still plan to park the race cars at CTC this Summer.
  5. New banner delighted members:  many gasps, near-swoons, etc.
  6. Elections:  VP still available (damn you Dan, Craig, Jordan…)

Are you wondering what to do with yourself on Tuesday, June 19th at 7pm?  Do you need to get out from under your car?  Do you wish you could go somewhere where everyone will know your name?  If you said ‘yes’ to any of these then please plan to join us.

We will be soliciting volunteers to help with the July 20-22nd Canadian National Autoslalom Championship at Picton’s Regional Airfield.

But if that isn’t reason enough to attend, we’ll be happy to make you the centre of attention… 





Who knows how many new friends you might make?!







And before the end of the night…

We could use help with:

  • Designing and making trophies (we’ll cover the costs)
  • Getting the marshals to their posts (driving a truck which will be provided)
  • Assistance with initial set-up such as distributing cones and fire extinguishers, stocking marshal buckets, installing new batteries in the radios, etc.
  • Setting up the tables and chairs at the nearby banquet facilities (The Crystal Palace) on Sunday
  • Herding cats
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