Caption Contest Results

The Judges have decided:  it was a tie.  Even with some excellent last minute entries it seemed that there was no clear winner.  The result?  Beer all around.  Thanks to Jordan, Dan, Craig, Rob and the others for their wit and wisdom.

Can you think of something that captures the moment?  Got an idea for a speech bubble?  If so, you can win a beer or equivalent at our June meeting.

To enter you need simply add a comment (at the bottom).  You will be prompted to log in.  Or, you can bring your ideas along with yourself on the 19th.  Lastly, you can email them to us by using the link at the bottom of our site.

Here’s the picture (lifted from the Jan 2018 issue of VARAC Pit Signal)

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3 thoughts on “Caption Contest Results

  1. Damn, it was righty tighty…

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