Have trailer. Will lend.

As many of you know, your club has acquired all the necessary items to run Autoslalom and similar events.  And right now most of it is sitting in a really nice little 5 x 7 foot enclosed trailer.  The contents will be moved out this Spring as we transfer it all into our club storage locker and that means the trailer will be available for member use.

If you’re wondering about liability concerns you need only contact your auto insurance company and you’ll be just fine.  Naturally, the club wants you to take care of any bumps and bruises and, of course, 407 ETR charges.

The trailer is being stored at Membership Secretary Danby’s home in Odessa and you can reach him at st.lac.club@gmail.com

These dates are not available:

  1. May Picton Weekend
  2. Major events (TBA)


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