Have trailer. Will lend.

As many of you know, your club has acquired all the necessary items to run Autoslalom and similar events.  And right now most of it is sitting in a really nice little 5 x 7 foot enclosed trailer.  The contents will be moved out this Spring as we transfer it all into our club storage locker and that means the trailer will be available for member use.

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It’s Official! St LAC/OMSC Will Share Hosting Duties for the 2018 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship


ASN Canada FIA has announced that the ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship will be held at Picton, ON, July 20-22, 2018, co-organized by Oshawa Motor Sport Club and St Lawrence Automobile Club (Kingston, ON) under the direction of Andrew Patterson, President of OMSC and Rob Metcalfe, President of St Lac.

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Eric Green in Kingston

The son of Marshall Green (co-founder of CASC along with St LAC’s Jack Luck) paid a visit to the place that started it all:  Kingston and the home of Campbell’s Volkswagen and a certain Porsche 356.

It was almost surreal to meet such an accomplished artist — especially when there is a documentary team in tow.  More than this, however, was the chance to meet such a wonderful team of people in the form of his travelling buddy Garrett and their film crew. 

It was story after story at the lunch table so kindly hosted by Danby and Suzanne Crowder in Odessa.  Lunch had to wait, however, as the 1956 Porsche 356 had some attention paid to its timing and a couple of other minor issues by our host.  Sadly it seemed that some additional effort would be required owing to the hidden nature of the spark-plugs so a visit to Universal Garage and Stephan had the engine purring in no time.

You can read about the journey and find out more at  www.quantumrun356.com

Vice President Position Vacancy

Vice President Vacancy: Have you ever wanted to wield near supreme-power, bark commands that few will ever hear and shout ‘bwahahaha!!!’ to the car gods when ever you feel like it? Well, now you have the chance. All you need do is volunteer. Just send a note indicating your interest to st.lac.club@gmail.com In the event that we have more than one name put forward we may find ourselves at a loss as what to do next. Perhaps a duel, or drag race may be necessary but, act quickly as this is a time sensitive concern (you’re in until January).

Safety Notice relating to Race Driver Restraint Harnesses

From John Kinnear comes this timely update:

Safety Notice relating to Race Driver Restraint Harnesses

As of April 02/18  SFI has revoked certification  SFI spec. 16.1 for Tanaka harnesses due to non-compliance.

All camlock type driver restraints produced by Ruian Dragon & Ruian Dongjinling the company that produces Tanaka harnesses, are to be removed from service and returned.

Should the reader be considering the purchase of a new driver restraint harness, he/she should first consult Appendix L , section 4 of the CASC race regs and view the listing of harnesses that have had their certification revoked. There are products from six different companies listed. These companies may well have other harnesses that are still certified.