Treasurer’s Interim Statement

Just a note to let everyone know of where our finances stand as of today.  Kinda anyways…
I’m back to square one, sorta.  With our ability to download banking info now, I’ve switched to Wave Accounting.  This is free of charge.  I will have statements ready in a week or two.
Here’s a list of recent $ outflows:
Exec Meeting                                       $186.78
UPS mailbox renewal                        $163.85
Loch Sloy                                              $650.00
RallySport Ontario                             $100.00
Cdn Assoc of RallySport                   $226.00
Carr Septic (two outstanding bills) $553.70
CASC                                                     $500.00
Total                                                    $2849.33
Upcoming costs:
ASN                                                     $350.00
January Event                                       ?????
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