Important Changes to St LAC Meeting Dates and More

After a lengthy Executive Meeting it has been decided to make a number of important changes to some areas and ideas of importance to club members.  Here they are:

Meeting Dates

Meetings for the Club Faithful will change from monthly to quarterly.  The dates will be posted accordingly beginning with a Spring gathering.

Meeting Location

Despite enjoying a good relationship with the RCAF Club, your Executive has decided to shop around for another venue.  We’d like to find somewhere quieter.

Storage Container

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of our Secretary, the Picton Airport Storage  Container will be moved to the home of Danby Crowder where it will serve the same role as before; namely, storage of cones and other club equipment.

Use of Club Trailer

If a satisfactory arrangement can be made with our existing Club insurance it will be possible that Club members can make short term use of the Club trailer.  This will be subject to a number of conditions including responsibility for damage.  There will likely be a fee which will be put towards its maintenance and upkeep.

Upcoming Expenses

Your Executive identified a need for new trailer tires.   We’ll double check in the Spring.

Affiliation Renewals

The Club fully intends to renew its current membership in CASC and RallySport Canada.  So, rev up your engines! (With apologies to Scotty Kilmer.)

Club Stickers

Part of the membership package includes Club stickers.  The Executive is considering a plan to omit the reference to ‘Kingston, Ont.’ currently included as part of the logo.  The Club is also shopping for a competitive supplier.

As always, questions or concerns about these changes can be brought up at a meeting or you can write us at

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