What I learned at race school

Not long ago some thirty racecar-driver-wannabes were pulled over on Highway 400 for various infractions not the least of which was speeding.   For others, it was worse — Stunt Driving.  But isn’t that just speeding as well?  Not necessarily, as it can include weaving, driving too close and more and more they did.  So why don’t these people take their high-performance vehicles to the track?  Better yet, why not get some training beforehand?  That’s where Brack Driving Concepts and other Race Schools can help.

Brack Driving Concepts offers advanced driving schools, advanced racer development and race licensing and coaching courses.  And that includes CASC-OR and Shannonville’s Spring Fling Test & Tune and racing school.  Since I was in the market for just such an opportunity and that Brack just happens to be one of our club supporters I thought this is the perfect chance to sign up.

For three days (April 27-29) I got to experience what it was like to operate my car under the guidance of seasoned professionals with classroom time dedicated to the rules, expectations and requirements of organized racing.  And it was a lot to take in as we could easily have spent a week going over the many things we learned and put into practice on the track.

So what should one expect from a learn to race course?  Not only a busy schedule but a school operated with the highest of expectations, run as if you were at a race with no-nonsense scheduling and concern for safety that could not be overstated.  Boy, did I learn a lot.  And when you receive emails suggesting that you look over CASC racing rules, the handbook or supplementary information (regulations) this isn’t for their benefit it’s for yours.  Because, just like a race, there is an expectation that you are aware of unique and even last-minute rules in addition to the broader demands that you can expect really anywhere such as what each colour of flag signifies and how it is presented to the racers.  And whatever you do, don’t skip this part!  Yes, it’s on the test..!

If you are as lucky as I was, it’ll rain.  How’s that being lucky you wonder.  Most performance tests come under ideal conditions.  How many exams did you write in High School that were accompanied by loud noise and flickering lights?  You get the idea.  It reminded me of a scene from a Civil War film where the best shooters were significantly less so when the lieutenant fired his pistol behind them.  Rain is a reality of racing and unless you would prefer to not start at all, you’ll be glad you had the chance to experience such adverse conditions at least once.  It turned out that wet weather may have brought out the best in whatever skill set I had.  Thank you Rain Gods.  I owe you one.

Make no mistake, you cannot simply buy  a license from the folks at Brack and you shouldn’t expect to.  Not at any school.  But if you really want to learn how it’s done try them.  They’ll even run a school for one person.  No kidding.

See you at the races.

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