Car Wars Regional Autoslaloms I & II: Vidimus nos vicimus

For the many drivers who attended the Car Wars:  Attack of the Cones Regional Autoslalom May 27th and 28th it was indeed a case of ‘we came, we saw, we conquered’.

With great weather and a fabulous course, who couldn’t have but a good time?  But don’t take my word for it…here’s what the racers had to say:

“Such a great place to come and race.  I enjoyed reading about the history of the Camp, too.  Thanks for doing this.” Aron (Ottawa)

“When I read that the place was for sale I said there is no way I’m gonna miss it.  So thanks for putting on such a great race.” Brian (Chatham)

“I didn’t know what my number was supposed to be.  I didn’t know what class I’m in but thanks to your efforts and the Timing folks all was cleared up and I had such a great time.”  Richard (Pickering)

“For sure I’m gonna buy a T shirt!  This has been such a great event!” Don (Toronto)

Kudos to Driving Dynamics for a great event.  And a special shout-out to Rob Metcalfe, Roger Curtis, Danby Crowder and Pete Ellsworth for the many, many hours behind the scene and in person on the race days.

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