150 kph and Third Gear for the Corners!

The Driver’s Dynamics night of lapping at Shannonville’s Fabi Track saw some pretty impressive bits of speed for a first evening of cobweb shedding.

There was a car in the capable hands of a completely random stranger coming up just shy of 100 mph on the straights as he said goodbye to some dry tires.  Add to this another car and driver who I have never seen before and am more likely to win the lottery/struck by lightning/be the subject of Pamela Anderson’s next book before I am ever likely to see again and one wasn’t sure where to look next!  What a convergence of random genetic material  and machinery!

While certainly the nicest looking car — a certain ’82 Porsche 928 — belonging to the Club’s Communications Director stayed in the parking lot, he’ll soon have something to lap with.  He hopes!

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