The results are in!

Earlier in the Year, St LAC members — past and present — were asked to let us know what’s important to them.  Thanks to the input (so far as the survey is still open) your Executive can zero-in that much better on what the Big Picture should be.

The results:

Where do you call home?

Additional comments:

I like to keep things simple, fun, cheap and laissez faire. I don’t mind pitching in with fees, etc, but I can’t really give up a whole heap of time. 

I really appreciate the effort that you guys have gone to. 

Thanks for being great!

Regarding #9, when you say race, I think you mean wheel to wheel road racing which is something I’d like to do but is not in the cards for me right now. I’m happy to participate in autocross and lapping events in my car and maybe time attack down the road.
I predicted the results would indicate an aging group who still like to participate and, as such, will happily pay to see things happen but were less willing to assist with events — a common observance for clubs of all stripes today thanks to an aging population.  I believe, however, that I may be wrong.  The spirit, it seems, is still willing but not at the same level as yesteryear.  One thing remains strong and that’s the collectivity — the social aspect — remains strong for this group and I’ll drink to that!  — Roger
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