January General Membership Meeting Minutes

Your new executive was pleased to host the monthly meeting held on the 19th at the RCAF Club.  Things started with a flashback moment as featured in the December issue of VARAC’s newsletter — a story of desperation that led to the theft of a TV tower.  But, what’s a person to do when you run out of pipe for your tubular chasis?!  Thanks to John and Eric for the sorted details.

The club still has a number of executive positions to be filled.  Sadly there were no takers for president, equipment manager or competition director.  As a result, the club has accepted a proposal from The Car Crew to run a Regional Championship Autoslalom on behalf of St LAC.  This will undoubtedly add to the club’s coffers.  The organizers have agreed to include a 10 percent discount for St. Lawrence members.  Details of the date and local will follow.

An update was provided by the Membership Meister — Danby — who reported that some 20 memberships have been renewed or started since our last meeting.  The connection to CASC – OR’s website has facilitated this process (see the posting regarding membership renewal) beautifully.   Danby has done much to sort out a couple of years of unanswered emails as well as obtaining and processing new club cards.  He has also been working hard to reconnect with past sponsors and new ones alike.  This left us all wondering when he finds time to sleep!

Peter has taken the necessary steps to keep our group in good-stead with the RCAF Club as well as working on new ideas behind the scenes.  Naturally, none of what takes place here could be possible were it not fo Robert’s fiduciary skills.  Thanks group!

Our next meeting will take place on or around February 23rd at 12h30.

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