You Oughta be in Pictures!

Everyone deserves a fair shot at their 15 minutes of future fame and St. LAC members are no exception.  So, why not send me your candids of you and/or your car?  Who knows?  We might even turn this into a contest…  In the meantime please send me your ‘best side’ and while you’re at it, why not add a story?  The winter can be kinda long around these parts…  🙂

If you’re wondering about video, my recommendation for now is that you post it to YouTube and send me a link.  In addition, your Communications Director is investigating a porting of our website to a different platform that supports unlimited email addresses and is phone-friendly and this may have an impact on what kind of video support and cost is involved.  But for now don’t let that stop you!  Roll ’em!

Roger Curtis, Communications Director


I’ll go first.  Look for a blue or white (me plans) 1987 Porsche 924s to make an appearance this year or next.  Described as “the best handling Porsche out of a box” this should help me be that auto mechanic I planned on being when little.

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