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It’s a pleasure to be able to let everyone know that not only does the club have a new slate of officers but work has already begun on moving the club forward.


Your 2017-2019 Executive

Vice President — Peter Ellsworth

A long serving High School teacher and current president of Kingston’s Senior Men’s Soccer League, Peter brings years of organizational and planning experience to the club.  It is sincere hope that the Club will rise like a Gryphon and continue its history of excellence.

Director of Membership Services — Danby Crowder

A Senior Business Manager with the Central Group, Danby is all about the best of applied innovation through design, excellence in operations and customer experience.  And when he is not at work he can be found behind the wheel of a variety of racing cars.

Director of Communications — Roger Curtis

Like Peter, Roger has been involved in education for many years.  At present he is serving as Chief Informational Officer aka Librarian at Sydenham High School.  He hopes to retire this March and, in part, apply his administrative abilities to the clubs’ events and activities.  He also hopes to live out his fantasy of getting all of his Porsche cars running again.  At present he feels like he’s coming out ahead as his left-over-from-the-last-repair-partsbin seems to be growing…

Treasurer — Robert Metcalfe

Spreadsheets?  No problem.  PayPal?  Check.  Rob has agreed to once again keep our heads above water.  And if you ask him he’ll tell you that happiness is ‘positive cashflow’.

President — currently vacant

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