December 2016, Executive Meeting Discussion

The executive took its first steps to get going on the upcoming year by meeting with the folks at TD Canadtrust. What we thought would be a quick trip to make some changes to the signing authority turned into a ‘you’ll have to come back later’ affair. It seems we have been incorrectly registered as an Association rather than an Incorporated (Not For Profit) Business. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Afterwards we gathered to consider where the club can go from here and what it will take to make that happen. Our thoughts turned to long-term visions about what could someday be in the future. We all agreed how great it would be to introduce newcomers (think High School students) to motorsport and how the introduction of drivers education could add value to local dealerships and the like. Ah, the chance to dream…

There were many more ideas about club activities and making the club more inviting. We concluded that membership should indeed have its privileges all the while keeping in mind that many hands makes for quick work. So then, what should we strive for? What short-term goals will help us make the long-term goals achievable? This, it was decided, was the easy part, that is, we’ll start with a survey and let the wishes of the membership help us move forward. So, go ahead and ask Santa for new tires and we’ll ask you for your input at the next general meeting.

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