December 2016, Executive Meeting Discussion

The executive took its first steps to get going on the upcoming year by meeting with the folks at TD Canadtrust. What we thought would be a quick trip to make some changes to the signing authority turned into a ‘you’ll have to come back later’ affair. It seems we have been incorrectly registered as an Association rather than an Incorporated (Not For Profit) Business. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Afterwards we gathered to consider where the club can go from here and what it will take to make that happen. Our thoughts turned to long-term visions about what could someday be in the future. We all agreed how great it would be to introduce newcomers (think High School students) to motorsport and how the introduction of drivers education could add value to local dealerships and the like. Ah, the chance to dream…

There were many more ideas about club activities and making the club more inviting. We concluded that membership should indeed have its privileges all the while keeping in mind that many hands makes for quick work. So then, what should we strive for? What short-term goals will help us make the long-term goals achievable? This, it was decided, was the easy part, that is, we’ll start with a survey and let the wishes of the membership help us move forward. So, go ahead and ask Santa for new tires and we’ll ask you for your input at the next general meeting.

Top Five Reasons to Join the St Lawrence Automobile Club

London Mountaineering Club. Photo: Zaheer Durrani

Perhaps the best bit of advice I offer High School students is that the whole thing will be great if you get involved.  OK, I’m preaching to the choir…  But for those who are wondering why they should join the St. Lawrence Auto Club I’d like to offer the following:

  1. You’ll meet like-minded people and make new friends
  2. You’ll see new places and do new things
  3. You’ll learn new skills
  4. You’ll save money on stuff
  5. It’s fun

Canadian Automobile Sport Club – Ontario Region (CASC – OR) RR Calendar/International Calendar of Events


From John Kinnear:

Road Racing Schedule for 2017

May 12/14 – Spring Trophy Races and Driving School – CTMP

June 15/16 – VARAC Vintage Grand prix – CTMP

June 24/25 – CASC Motorsport Showcase. Time Attack, Auto Slalom and Road Racing – CTMP

July 8/9 – Bay of Quinte Grand Prix – SMP

July 28/30 – Canadian Touring Trophy Races – CTMP

July 31 – Celebration of Speed in support of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame – CTMP

Aug. 25/27 – Ted Powell Memorial Races – CTMP

Sept. 15/17 – Indian Summer Trophy Races – CTMP

Sept. 29/Oct. 01 – Celebration of Motorsports – CTMP

International Races of Interest

Jan. 02/14 – Dakar Rally – Argentina, Paraguay & Bolivia

Jan. 28/29 – Rolex 24 –  Daytona USA

Mar. 15/18 –  Sebring 12 Hrs.  Sebring, Florida

May 19/21 – Victoria Day  Speedfest – NASCAR Can., Pirelli World Challenge and Canadian Touring Car Challenge – CTMP  ( Mosport )

May 28 – Indianapolis 500

June 11 – Canadian Grand Prix – FIA – Montreal

June 29/July 02 – Sahlens 6 Hr. ( IMSA )  Watkins Glen, NY

July 06/09 – Sportscar Grand Prix – IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship & Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge – CTMP

July 16 – Indy Car Race – Toronto

Aug. 18/20 – Canadian Super Bikes – CTMP

Sept. 01/04 – Historic Festival – Limerock Park, Conn.

Sept. 03 – Indy Car Race – Watkins Glen, NY

Sept. 03 – NASCAR Trucks – CTMP

Sept. 08/10 – US Vintage G.P. – Watkins Glen, NY

CTMP = Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

CMP = Calabogie Motorsport Park

SMP = Shannonville Motorsport Park

You Oughta be in Pictures!

Everyone deserves a fair shot at their 15 minutes of future fame and St. LAC members are no exception.  So, why not send me your candids of you and/or your car?  Who knows?  We might even turn this into a contest…  In the meantime please send me your ‘best side’ and while you’re at it, why not add a story?  The winter can be kinda long around these parts…  🙂

If you’re wondering about video, my recommendation for now is that you post it to YouTube and send me a link.  In addition, your Communications Director is investigating a porting of our website to a different platform that supports unlimited email addresses and is phone-friendly and this may have an impact on what kind of video support and cost is involved.  But for now don’t let that stop you!  Roll ’em!

Roger Curtis, Communications Director


I’ll go first.  Look for a blue or white (me plans) 1987 Porsche 924s to make an appearance this year or next.  Described as “the best handling Porsche out of a box” this should help me be that auto mechanic I planned on being when little.

We’re live!




It’s a pleasure to be able to let everyone know that not only does the club have a new slate of officers but work has already begun on moving the club forward.


Your 2017-2019 Executive

Vice President — Peter Ellsworth

A long serving High School teacher and current president of Kingston’s Senior Men’s Soccer League, Peter brings years of organizational and planning experience to the club.  It is sincere hope that the Club will rise like a Gryphon and continue its history of excellence.

Director of Membership Services — Danby Crowder

A Senior Business Manager with the Central Group, Danby is all about the best of applied innovation through design, excellence in operations and customer experience.  And when he is not at work he can be found behind the wheel of a variety of racing cars.

Director of Communications — Roger Curtis

Like Peter, Roger has been involved in education for many years.  At present he is serving as Chief Informational Officer aka Librarian at Sydenham High School.  He hopes to retire this March and, in part, apply his administrative abilities to the clubs’ events and activities.  He also hopes to live out his fantasy of getting all of his Porsche cars running again.  At present he feels like he’s coming out ahead as his left-over-from-the-last-repair-partsbin seems to be growing…

Treasurer — Robert Metcalfe

Spreadsheets?  No problem.  PayPal?  Check.  Rob has agreed to once again keep our heads above water.  And if you ask him he’ll tell you that happiness is ‘positive cashflow’.

President — currently vacant